50 Pieces for Organ - Book 1

Attractive Service Music for the Church Organist. Selected by Kevin Mayhew. Book 1.
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ForlagKevin Mayhew
Here is an impressive collection of 50 pieces for the intermediate standard player. Featuring a mix of celebrated and less prominent composers, there are plenty of choice pearls to be found.The contents range from preludes to interludes and communion pieces to voluntaries, with a selection for manuals only.
The wide variety of styles and moods ensures that there is something suitable here for most occasions.

Ach Herr, mich armen Sünder - Krebs
Air - Purcell
Allegretto in E - Tournemire
Allegretto risoluto - Fink
Allegro ben moderato - Bridge
Andante - Tournemire
Andante con moto - Barnett
Andante serioso - Brooksbank
Assez vif - Tournemire
Ave maris stella - Titelouze
Canzona in C - Zipoli
Canzona in D minor - Zipoli
Capriccio - Karges / Froberger
Cheshire Tune - Wood
Communion on ‘Ave Maria’ - Yon
Diapason movement - Greene
Elegy - Coleridge-Taylor
Festal March - LloydWebber
Finale - Tournemire
Frauengunst - Karg-Elert
Fugue - Wecker
Interlude in E b - Diebold
Interlude in E b - Tournemire
Interlude in E minor - Tournemire
Interlude in G minor - Götze
Iste sanctus - D’Indy
Marche Pastorale - Yon
Melody in A - Callcott
Newtoun Tune - Wood
Offertorio - Karg-Elert
Pièce no. 8 - Benoist
Prelude in G minor - Cui
QuattroVersi in D minor - Zipoli
Qui odit animam suam in hoc mundo - D’Indy
Rêverie - Stainer
Ricercare - Palestrina
Sarabande - Radeck
Si quis mihi ministraverit - D’Indy
Song of Simeon - Wood
Song without words - Hollins
Sortie in G - Tournemire
Veni Redemptor - Tallis
Verset in C - Tournemire
Vesper voluntary no. 5 - Elgar
Volo Pater - D’Indy
Voluntary in A minor - Unknown
Voluntary in A minor - James
Voluntary in D - Heron
Voluntary no. 4 in E minor - Stanley
Wenn der Tag ausklingt - Karg-Elert