Angela Gheorghiu: A te, Puccini (Vinyl / LP)

Signum Classics are proud to present Romanian-born soprano Angela Gheorghiu’s first album on vinyl LP with the Grammy award winning label.
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KomponistPuccini, Giacomo

Described as “the world’s most glamorous and gifted opera star” (New York Sun), Ms. Gheorghiu’s magnificent voice and dazzling stage presence have established her as a unique international opera superstar.

Her new album, released to mark the anniversary of celebrated composer Giacomo Puccini brings together a collection of well-known arias and songs spanning many years of his career.

The album features a World Premiere Recording of the recently rediscovered aria “Melanconia”, which is most probably from 1883 and not 1881 as previously thought. Other notable works on the recording are “Storiella d’amore” as well as the title track “A te” composed by Puccini at just 16 years old.


A1 A te
A2 Storiella d’amore
A3 Ad una morta
A4 Mentia l’avviso
A5 Sole e amore

B1 Avanti, Urania!
B2 Inno a Diana
B3 E l’uccellino
B4 Terra e mare
B5 Canto d’anime
B6 Dios y Patria
B7 Casa mia, casa mia
B8 Inno a Roma
B9 Melanconia