Anne Dawson, Her Book (1716) (Spiralbound)

The first-ever edition of Anne Dawson, Her Book (1716). Contains full transcriptions of eleven Vivaldi concerti, occasional pieces and keyboard toccatas. Spiralbound.
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InstrumentationOrgan (Keyboard)
ForlagLyrebird Music

Edited by Jon Baxendale
Detailed preface containing information on the manuscript, its music, performance notes and instruments
Full critical commentary
Wire-bound with soft colour cover 

After The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book and My Ladye Nevells Booke, Anne Dawson, Her Book is one of the most important keyboard music manuscripts found in a British library. Dated 1716, it has been in the Henry Watson Music Library, Manchester, since the 19th-century. It contains a wealth of music that was fashionable among a London modish elite in the early years of the eighteenth century and includes transcriptions of no less than eleven concerti grossi by Antonio Vivaldi, another concerto by Giuseppe Bononcini and other transcriptions of Marais and Pepusch. These are interspersed with idiomatic keyboard works that include toccatas that are thought to be by Handel and Buxtehude.

Edited by Jon Baxendale, this Lyrebird Music edition is the first full edition of the complete contents and a substantial preface provides copious notes on the manuscript, its music and performance.