Arturia KeyStep-37 USB Controller

En inspirerende 37-toners controller med intuitiv sekventering, unik akkord- og skalafunktionalitet og taktile MIDI-controllers.
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The familiar KeyStep formula, expanded. KeyStep 37 features a velocity-sensitive 37-note keybed, complete with aftertouch and RGB LED feedback, while remaining lightweight and compact.

At the center of the control panel, you'll find 4 new knobs with an LED screen, giving you instant access to inspiring new expressive tools and MIDI tweaking - total creative control.
Music made interactive

The new controls unlock KeyStep 37’s unique & enhanced Chord mode. Choose from 12 chord types, an array of strum effects, and spread the voices out into complex velocity-sensitive parts that respond like a stringed instrument.

Map out KeyStep 37’s 3-octave keyboard range with a scale of your choice using Scale mode. Any key you play will automatically quantize to the nearest note in the chosen scale.

Tap into the inner workings of your MIDI hardware and software with assignable 16 MIDI CC parameters across 4 switchable banks. Use the 4 new controls to tweak settings on the fly for dynamic performances.
The core of your setup

KeyStep 37 is designed to be put in control. An accessible interface, a compact design and comprehensive connectivity make it the perfect centerpiece for your rig - whatever your needs.

Hook up your synth hardware with MIDI in/out. Control your favorite VST instruments with MIDI over USB. Use CV pitch, gate and mod connections for modular integration. Analog sync in/out keeps everything in time without hassle. The best bit? Use it all at the same time.

Included is a free copy of Ableton Live Lite, an accessible music-making suite for your Mac or PC. Register KeyStep 37 for your free download and get creative right out the box - let the music flow freely.


37-note keyboard with velocity & aftertouch
RGB LED keyboard indicators for note tracking
64-step sequencer with 8 patterns
8-note polyphony per step
Step recording and live recording sequencer modes
Mono and overdub recording options
8 mode arpeggiator with new random modes
Chord mode offers 12 chord voicings included a user-defined chord
Unique strum, velocity and note controls for Chord mode
Scale mode lets you quantize the keyboard to a scale of your choice
5 scales to choose from, including a user-defined scale
16 assignable & adjustable MIDI CC controls
USB, MIDI, CV and clock connectivity
Includes Ableton Live Lit