Aszodi: Intensive Trumpet Technique (Warm-ups, technical training and studies)

Ny udgivelse fra 2009 af Ferenc Aszodi (1929-2005) der dækker alle aspekter af trompetteknik.
Skaffes inden for 3-7 dage
Skaffes inden for 3-7 dage
Most trumpet players blow downward a bit too much; as a consequence, the pressure point lies on the lower lip. The result: a thick, dull tone without treble and smoothness. The present technical exercises help to shift the pressure point to the upper lip. Thus, a much better treble, a finer tone and generally a better embouchure is gradually achieved. This also helps to keep the lung more open when blowing and to develop better lung volume and strength. Not least, it helps to avoid postural impairment, e.g. damaged discs or atrophied lungs.
Contains all-important information on trumpet techniques, a 'check-up' for advanced players and professional trumpet players.

- Warm-up exercises
- Chord studies
- Triple-tonguing
- Double-tonguing
- Exercises for loosening up
- Exercises for the high register and stamina
- Interval exercises (air-cushion system)
- Exercises using low fundamentals
- Modern studies
- Scale exercises
- Octave exercises
- Paralo chromatics
- Slurred chromatic exercises
- Slurring exercises
- Loosening up exercises using slurs
- Glissando
- Technical slurring exercises
- Daily training using slurs
- Tonguing exercises
- Articulation exercises for the air-cushion system
- Repeated note exercises
- Exercises for high notes and stamina
- Rolling slurs
- Slurring and intonation across intervals