Bach: Complete Works for Organ (Marie-Claire Alain) (15CD-BOX)

Described by Alain as the most “instinctive” of her assembled interpretations of Bach, it is now released on CD for the first time, specially remastered from the original tapes.
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KomponistBach, Johann S.
SolistMarie-Claire Alain
Marie-Claire Alain, one of the supreme organists of the 20th century, grew up in a distinguished musical family that was obsessed with Bach. He duly proved a determining force in her life and she made no fewer than three complete recordings of his mighty catalogue of organ works. She embarked upon the first of these in 1959, when she was 33, and completed it eight years later.

Recorded 1959-1967 in DENMARK, SWEDEN & GERMANY

New Remastering in 24-BIT / 96KHZ from original tapes by Art & Son Studio, Annecy (2018)

CD 1: 6 Trio Sonatas
CD 2: 6 Schübler Chorale Preludes, 2 Toccatas & Fugues, 2 Preludes & Fugues, Fantasia, Fugue, Toccata, Adagio & Fugue
CD 3: Fantasia & Fugue, Fantasia, Orgelbüchlein (I)
CD 4: Orgelbüchlein (II), 4 Chorales, Passacaglia & Fugue, 3 Preludes & Fugues, Toccata & Fugue
CD 5: Fantasia & Fugue, Prelude & Fugue, Toccata & Fugue, 3 Concertos
CD 6: Concerto, Pastorale, 8 Preludes & Fugues, Canzona, 2 Leipzig Chorales
CD 7: 14 Leipzig Chorales
CD 8: Leipzig Chorale, Clavier-Übung III (I)
CD 9: Clavier-Übung III (II), 5 Preludes & Fugues
CD 10: 6 Preludes & Fugues, 9 Chorales
CD 11: 6 Chorales, Fantasia & Fugue, Fantasia con imitazion, Fantasia, 3 Preludes, 6 Fugues, Alla breve, Pedal-Exercitium
CD 12: Fantasia, Prelude, 2 Fugues, 2 Concertos, 4 Trios, Aria, Kleines harmonisches Labyrinth, 9 Chorales
CD 13: 28 Chorales, Partita
CD 14: 5 Partitas, Chorale
CD 15: 23 Chorales, Trio, Fugue, Conversation between Marie-Claire Alain and Michel Garcin