Bach, J.S.: Laughing and Shouting for Joy - Duet from Cantata No. 15 (2-part, Piano/Organ)

Duet fra Bachs kantate no. 15 arrangeret for 2-stemmigt kor af Doreen Rao. Engelsk og tysk tekst.
Produktnr.BHI 5400800
ForlagBoosey and Hawkes
KomponistBach, Johann S.
Instrumentation2 stemmer, Piano
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Arranged by Doreen Rao

"Ich jauchze ich lache..."

Laughing and Shouting for Joy is clearly intended for performance by treble choirs. It is one of the siplist and most vocally accessible cantata duets for young choirs. This duet provides the characteristically Baroque interaction between homophonic and polyphonic textures, perfectly demonstrated by the music of J.S. Bach.