Bach, J. S.: Suite I BWV 1007 (Violoncello solo)

Suite I for Violoncello solo BWV 1007 by Johann Sebastian Bach. Bärenreiter Urtext edition at a specil jubilee price.
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KomponistBach, Johann S.

If you can finally play the Prelude from Bach's Suite I for Violoncello Solo in G major, you have made it: you have entered the world of great cello literature and at the same time, you have found a companion for life, at least for your life with the cello. There will hardly be a cellist who has not studied this work which offers new discoveries and challenges as he/she progresses and advances; one could call it the most famous piece of cello literature ever.

Bärenreiter presents this single edition of Suite I as part of a series of popular works from its programme celebrating the 100th anniversary of the publishing house. The edition constitutes an excerpt from BA00320 J. S. Bach, Six Suites for Violoncello solo and has made history: published in 1950, it has remained one of Bärenreiter's most successful titles to this day. It was edited and provided with bowings and articulation markings by the pioneer of historical performance practice, August Wenzinger.

Editor: August Wenzinger