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Bach, J.S.: The Sacred Vocal Works - Complete Edition in 23 volumes

UDKOMMER NOVEMBER 2017. Bestil inden 30/6-2017 til SUBSKRIPTIONS-PRIS.

Lagerstatus: Leveringstid 1-7 dage

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Edited by Ulrich Leisinger und Uwe Wolf in collaboration with the Bach Archive Leipzig

• Complete sacred vocal works published by Carus at the conclusion of the Bach vocal editorial project in a high-quality complete edition
• For study and performance: the authoritative Urtext of the Stuttgart Bach Edition
• Individual volumes edited by internationally-recognized Bach experts and interpreters, including Christine Blanken, Pieter Dirksen, Wolfram Enßlin, Andreas Glöckner, Klaus Hofmann, Ulrich Leisinger, Masaaki Suzuki,
Uwe Wolf and Peter Wollny
• Complete performance material for all works available for sale: Full score, study score, vocal sore, choral score, and the complete orchestral parts
• Each volume contains a preface reflecting the latest state of Bach research
• Systematic revision of older editions – both music and text sections – where there have been new discoveries about the sources or from historically-informed performance practice
• Reader-friendly format (19 x 27 cm, like a vocal score), also suitable for conducting
• 12.500 pages – 248 works – 23 volumes – 3 slip cases

Cantatas and Motets (2 slip cases)
Vol. 1– 16: Cantatas BWV 1–199
Vol. 17: Motets and Wedding chorales

Masses, Passions and Oratorios (1 slip case)
Mass in B minor BWV 232
Sanctus in D major BWV 232III (version 1724)

Vol. 2:
Missa in F major BWV 233
Kyrie Christe du Lamm BWV 233a
Missa in A major BWV 234
Missa in G minor BWV 235
Missa in G major BWV 236
Sanctus in C major BWV 237
Sanctus in D major BWV 238
Magnificat in D major BWV 243
Inserts for the Magnificat (in D major)

Vol. 3:
St. Matthew Passion BWV 244
St. Mark Passion BWV 247

Vol. 4: St. John Passion BWV 245 in all surviving versions
Vol. 5: Christmas Oratorio BWV 248
Vol. 6:
Easter Oratorio BWV 249
Ascension Oratorio BWV 11

An edition in the tried and tested Carus quality – and the only modern Bach edition for which complete performance material is available!
• Reader-friendly and handy format (like a vocal score)
• Outstanding legibility through clear presentation of the musical image and precise printing on the tried and tested Carus music paper
• Robust and practicable binding
• High-quality slip case for practical storage
• User-friendly structure of the volumes
• Rapid location of desired work: each cantata volume contains an overview of the cantatas in the church year

Amajor publishing project reaches its conclusion in 2017: with the Bach vocal project, Carus are publishing Johann Sebastian Bach’s complete sacred vocal music in modern Urtext editions geared towards historically-informed performance practice for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. We are convinced that the needs of performing musicians are best met by a scholarly authoritative music text, which neither patronizes the interpreters nor leaves them perplexed by decisions they need to make.

Our aim in the process is to reflect Bach’s compositional intentions as closely as possible with our music editions. Carus has enjoyed a close and long-standing collaboration with leading Bach experts such as Christine Blanken, Pieter Dirksen, Wolfram Enßlin, Andreas Glöckner, Klaus Hofmann, Ulrich Leisinger, Masaaki Suzuki, Uwe Wolf und Peter Wollny.

For the conclusion of this publishing project, we have re-examined all the cantatas which are already published in older editions. Often, it has been possible to incorporate new discoveries from intensive Bach research, which, for example, provide information about authenticity or the history of the version from Bach’s copyists.

Whereas in the past we thought we were doing justice to Bach by combining “the best” of different versions, we now regard these separate versions as fully valid forms of the work which can stand side-by-side; sometimes two of these are published as editions which are complete in themselves. This is the case, for example, with the St. John Passion BWV 245 of which we publish both the traditional ‘mixed’ version as well as all complete surviving versions. Also, nine cantatas – such as the famous “Ein feste Burg” BWV 80/80b – are available in several versions. Wherever the source material allowed a reconstruction to be made, and the works were also relevant for practical performance, Bach’s fragmentary surviving vocal works have been included in the Bach vocal publishing project, and some have been published for the first time in performable versions.

Brief forewords offer you important information about each work and the history of its composition, together with suggestions for performance practice. All decisions made by our editors are clearly listed and discussed in the Critical Reports in the individual editions. Naturally you can obtain well-arranged, playable vocal scores plus the complete performance material from Carus.

A high-quality complete edition with 23 volumes (full scores) in three slip cases is published at the conclusion of the Bach vocal editorial project. This ambitious project provides an important basis for performances of
Bach’s sacred vocal music. And anyone who is involved with Bach’s music will benefit from browsing through and studying this edition!

Yderligere information

Yderligere information

Komponist Bach, Johann S.
Produktnr. CV31.500
Genre Klassisk
Forlag Carus
Sider 12500
Udgivelsesår 2017


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