Bach, J.S.: Johannes-Passion, BWV 245 (Vocal Score)

Bachs storværk, Johannespassionen. Klaverudtog fra Bärenreiter. Den mest benyttede udgave af kor over hele verden. Nyrevideret klaverudtog fra 2019.
KomponistBach, Johann S.
InstrumentationSopran solo, Alt solo, 2 Tenor solo, 2 Bass solo, Gemischter Kor SATB, Klaver
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– This new edition replaces the previous vocal score.
– The text appears in slightly larger type size and a clearly legible font
– The pagination has been adopted from the previous edition. This means that you can rehearse and perform this work with some singers using this new edition and some the old Bärenreiter edition
– This vocal score is fully compatible with all existing performance material (BA 5037)
– The new vocal score includes a revised piano reduction. It is based on the reliable Walter Heinz Bernstein piano reduction but has been revised and re-engraved, making it far easier to read and play
– A more exact spacing of underlaid words has been included in the vocal parts