Bartók, Béla: 44 Duos for 2 Violoncelli

'44 Duos' by Béla Bartók (originally for two violins) is now available in one edition for two celli. Arranged by Hans Erik Deckert.

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KomponistBartok, Bela
Instrumentation2 Violoncellos
ForlagUniversal Edition

44 Duos by Béla Bartók - the complete collection available for the first time in one edition for two celli. The '44 Duos' by Béla Bartók were written in 1931 and were originally included in a tutor for the violin, written by the teacher Erich Doflein (1900-1977). Since then they have become an indispensable key to the understanding of twentieth century music. Until now a version for two celli was limited to 18 selected duos.

The present edition for two celli is the first to include them all. The arrangements are based either on the possibility of a downwards transposition by an octave, or, where the original makes use of the violin's open E string, downwards by a twelfth.

  • Introduction to Béla Bartók‘s musical world and to the most important elements of folk music of Hungary and the neigbouring regions

  • All of the Duos are available for the first time in one edition arranged for two celli by Hans Erik Deckert

  • Provides aspiring cellists the chance to experience the musical partnership required by chamber music