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Bartók, Béla: Mikrokosmos, Vol. V-VI (Piano)

The most important piano school book by one of the great composers of the 20th century. New Urtext Edition from Henle. Volume 5-6.
KomponistBartok, Bela
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Bartók’s Mikrokosmos is one of the milestones in the pedagogical piano repertoire – and yet it is also far more than a “classical” piano primer. These 153 piano pieces, organised in ascending order of difficulty, engage not only with technical aspects of piano playing, but also with the fundamentals of composition – from “Ostinato”, “Free variations” and “Imitation and inversion” concerning compositional technique, to programmatic ideas as in “From the diary of a fly” or the famous “Six dances in Bulgarian rhythm” that form the passionate close of this unique work. This Henle Urtext Edition is based on the corresponding volume of the Bartók Complete Edition that is currently in preparation, and also includes specific practical comments and tips concerning Bartók’s own performances. Furthermore, the six volumes of the first edition, which first appeared in 1940, are here gathered together in three practical double volumes that offer both beginners and advanced pianists a perfect introduction to this work.

Editor: Yusuke Nakahara
Urtext Edition, paperbound

About the Henle edition of Mikrokosmos
· Level of difficulty: from easy to difficult
· The most important piano school book by one of the great composers of the 20th century.
· 153 pieces in six volumes, by order of level of difficulty from easy to very difficult.
· Pre-release out of the Complete Works that are currently jointly being published by G. Henle and Editio Musica Budapest.
· These three double volumes are edited by Yusuke Nakahara, Bartók Archive of the Hungarian Academy of the Arts in Budapest.
· Excellent typesetting that follows exactly Bartók’s notations.
· Contains footnotes on practical issues.
· With a preface by Bartók and his practical advice for some pieces.
· Also, as with all G. Henle Bartók editions these volumes contain practical remarks from the editor.
· Contains early versions and transcriptions of a Bartók recording.
· For students and professionals.