Bartók: String Quartet no. 5 (Study Score)

Explore Bartók's intricate String Quartet No. 5, a masterpiece crafted in 1934, featuring unique Bulgarian rhythms. A profound musical journey.
Nodebog (paperback) Nodebog (paperback)
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KomponistBartok, Bela
InstrumentationString Quartet (1. Violin, 2. Violin, Viola, Violoncello)

The longest and at the same time most complex of Bartók’s six string quartets was composed in the summer of 1934 as a well-paid commission for the renowned Elisabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation in Washington. Bartók wrote it in a few weeks in Budapest. The substantially reworked autograph shows us how hard he laboured on the elaborate five-movement form. In the run-up to the premiere, he clarified numerous questions concerning the execution – including specific practice instructions for the “Bulgarian rhythm” of the third movement – with the first violinist of the Kolisch Quartet.

László Somfai (Editor)
Zsombor Németh (Editor)