Beethoven: Klaviersonaten Band I, op. 2-22 (Perahia-Ausgabe)

Perahia udgave af Beethovens klaversonater - bind 1 indeholder 11 sonater fra op. 2 - 22.
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KomponistBeethoven, L.v.

  • This volume includes the Beethoven Sonatas No. 1 to 11, including the F minor Sonata op. 2 No. 1, which is well-known to all piano students and professionals alike, the highly virtuosic C major Sonata op. 2 No. 3 and the famous 'Pathétique'.

  • Editing and preface by Murray Perahia and Norbert Gertsch; fingerings by Murray Perahia; for single sonatas with additional explanations by Murray Perahia covering the historical background as well as the musical roots and structure of the sonata

  • For students and professionals

Maestro Murray Perahia and Henle’s own proven Beethoven expert Norbert Gertsch present the first of three volumes of Beethoven’s Complete Piano Sonatas in a new Urtext edition (HN 832, HN 834 and HN 836). It contains Sonatas nos. 1-11, including the famous “Pathétique” and the highly virtuosic C major Sonata op. 10 no. 3. All the sonatas have been edited to reflect the current state of research and include an extensive preface and a Critical Report that presents the source situation and problems of readings. Along with his invaluable fingerings, Murray Perahia bestows upon the piano world his in-depth reflections on the emotional world and structural makeup of these compositions.

Norbert Gertsch (Editor)
Murray Perahia (Editor, Fingering)

Klaviersonate f-moll op. 2,1
Klaviersonate A-dur op. 2,2
Klaviersonate C-dur op. 2,3
Klaviersonate Es-dur op. 7
Klaviersonate c-moll op. 10,1
Klaviersonate F-dur op. 10,2
Klaviersonate D-dur op. 10,3
Klaviersonate (Grande Sonate Pathétique) c-moll op. 13
Klaviersonate E-dur op. 14,1
Klaviersonate G-dur op. 14,2
Klaviersonate B-dur op. 22