Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 7-9 (Wiener Philharmoniker, Christian Thielemann) - 3DVD

3 DVD'er med Beethovens 3 sidste symfonier - med Wiener Philharmonikerne og Christian Thielemann. En moderne fortolkning af de klassiske mesterværker. Indspilningerne har høstet strålende anmeldelse verden over.
DirigentThielemann, Christian
OrkesterWiener Philharmoniker
Skaffes inden for 3-7 dage
Skaffes inden for 3-7 dage
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... and Documentaries about each Symphony

- Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92
- Symphony No. 8 in F major, Op. 93
- Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 'Choral'

Annette Dasch, Piotr Beczala, Georg Zeppenfeld & Mihoku Fujimura

Wiener Philharmoniker, Christian Thielemann

This is a Beethoven Symphonies Cycle of the 21st century! Christian Thielemann and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra perform Beethoven Symphonies Nos. 1 – 9 incl. and each DVD includes a one-hour-long documentary for each symphony.

Includes an hour-long documentary for each symphony where Maestro Thielemann and Joachim Kaiser (the most famous German music critic) discuss and analyze in an entertaining conversational exchange Thielemann’s interpretation, complemented by excerpts from rehearsals as well as by comparisons of Beethoven cycles with Karajan, Bernstein etc. – no aspect of Beethoven’s symphonic œuvre will remain unaffected!

The Documentaries include legendary footage of performances from Karajan, Bernstein, Böhm, Järvi etc

This is the first Beethoven Cycle of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in full HD and 5.0 sound.

Running Time: Total: 325 minutes
Symphonies: 155 minutes
Documentaries: 170 minutes
Sound DVD: DTS 5.0, PCM Stereo
Subtitles E, F, Sp, I, Kor., Chin., Jap.
Packaging NTSC: 2 DVD Amaray
Booklet English, German, French

“The performances, the Vienna Philharmonic on top form, can't help sounding wonderful...oddly, it is the discussions that are the most enjoyable elements in this ambitious set.”
BBC Music Magazine, March 2011 ***/*

“This is growling, mane-shaking Beethoven: a traditional approach to the music with full sound and large forces. But just because it's big boned doesn't mean it's not elegant. Thielemann takes a precise yet lyrical approach to the music, as he discusses and demonstrates in the three hour-long accompanying musicological discussions.”
Classic FM Magazine, April 2011 ****