Bozza, Eugene: Fantaisie Pastorale pour Hautbois et Piano

Bozza's Fantaisie Pastorale for Oboe and Piano is not only symbolic, but also includes exciting challenges, making for an imperative performance piecein the oboe repertoire.
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KomponistBozza, Eugène
InstrumentationOboe, Piano
ForlagAlphonse Leduc
Exploiting the oboe to its full potential, Fantaisie Pastorale is an exciting and challenging addition to the advanced oboists' repertoire. From Lent to Allegro passages, this piece by French composer Eugène Bozza (1905-1991)covers a huge variety of the oboe's possibilities. The piece begins with an emotional, characterised cadenza, portraying the pastoral title. However, the tempo gradually increases through the piece, evoking the fantasy aspect,climaxing with flourishing semiquavers and ending with a grand tonic cadence.