Britten, Benjamin: Complete Folksong Arrangements (Medium/Low Voice, Piano)

61 Folksong Arrangements by Benjamin Britten. Edition for Low/Medium Voice.
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ForlagBoosey and Hawkes
KomponistBritten, Benjamin
InstrumentationHigh Voice, Piano
This landmark publication includes all sixty-one of Britten's arrangements of folk songs, combining the contents of the seven published books in High and Low Voice editions. Some of the songs have never before been transposed.

- The Ash Grove
- At the mid hour of night
- Avenging and bright
- La belle est au jardin d'amour
- Bird Scarer's Song
- Bonny at Morn (Vol. 6)
- Bonny at Morn (1976)
- The Bonny Earl o'Moray
- The Brisk Young Widow
- Ca' the yowes
- Come you not from Newcastle
- The Crocodile
- David of the White Rock
- The Deaf Woman's Courtship
- Dear Harp of my Country
- Dink's Song
- Early one morning
- Eho! Eho!
- The False Knight upon the Road
- Fileuse
- The Foggy, Foggy Dew
- Greensleeves
- The Holly and the Ivy
- How sweet the answer
- I was lonely and forlorn
- I will give my love an apple
- I wonder as I wander
- Il est quelqu'un sur terre
- The last rose of summer
- Lemady
- The Lincolnshire Poacher
- Little Sir William
- Lord! I married me a wife
- Master Kilby
- The Miller of Dee
- The Minstrel Boy
- La Noel passée
- O can ye sew cushions
- O the sight entrancing
- O Waly, Waly
- Oft in the stilly night
- Oliver Cromwell
- The Plough Boy
- Pray goody
- Quand j'étais chez mon père
- Rich and rare
- Le roi s'en va-t'en chasse
- Sail on, sail on
- Sailor-boy
- The Salley Gardens
- Sally in our Alley
- She's like the swallow
- The Shooting of His Dear
- The Soldier and the Sailor
- Soldier, won't you marry me
- The Stream in the Valley
- The Stream in the Valley
- Sweet Polly Oliver
- There's none to soothe
- Tom Bowling
- The trees they grow so high
- Voici le printemps