Choireography (Panda van Proosdij)

The hows and why concerning movement for singers - book by Panda van Proosdij.
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1. Preface (by Helle Høyer Vedel)
2. Introduction
3. Warming up and Energizers
4. Singing Exercies with Movement
5. Physical Exercises
a. Healthy basic posture
b. Trust exercises
c. Resistance exercises in duos
6. Choireography
a. Introduction
b. Formations
c. Dynamics
d. Transitions
e. Leadership
f. Anecdotes
7. Tips and Tricks
8. Notes

‘Choireography’ means suitable movement for singers. Movements that support the singing and the
musical piece in order to bring out the composition, the dynamics and to make it easier to sing. The
arrangement becomes visable and it expresses the music from another angle. Choireography is step
two. The first step is ‘Voice & Physique’: learning about bodyawareness, posture and elevating the
level of energy,concentration and focus.

About Panda van Proosdij
Panda van Proosdij (NL) studied at the Rotterdam Dance academy in the Netherlands. She was a
teacher and guest teacher at Codarts, Music Theatre in Rotterdam and director/ movement coach
fort he Netherlands Female Youth Choir for more than ten years. She gives workshops and
masterclasses all over the world now in her own method/ philosophy: ‘From Voice & Physique to
Choireography’. In April 2014 her first book ‘Voice & Physique’ was published.