Classical Guitar Tunes: Fun Solos to Play (incl. Online Audio)

This collection of 47 favorite guitar picking tunes includes reels, jigs, waltzes, fiddle tunes and more, each arranged for classical guitar in standard notation.
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As these melodies lend themselves well to jamming, this collection is sure to bring any guitarist many hours of picking pleasure. Includes access to an online audio recording of the arranger performing each piece on classical guitar.

1. Cumberland Ridge [Keith Calmes]
2. Caleb’s Gorge [Keith Calmes]
3. Far from Home [Keith Calmes]
4. The Teetotaller’s Reel [Keith Calmes]
5. Swallowtail Jig [Keith Calmes]
6. The Cuckoo [Keith Calmes]
7. Morrison’s Jig [Keith Calmes]
8. Barney’s Goat [Keith Calmes]
9. The Clergy’s Lamentation [Keith Calmes]
10. The Downfall of Paris [Keith Calmes]
11. Red Fox Waltz [Keith Calmes]
12. Reel de Lapin [Keith Calmes]
13. Eleven Mile Canyon [Keith Calmes]
14. The Burning of the Piper’s Hut [Keith Calmes]
15. Young McGoldrick [Keith Calmes]
16. Little House ‘Round the Corner [Keith Calmes]
17. Jackson’s Jig [Keith Calmes]
18. Missouri Mud [Keith Calmes]
19. Whiskey Before Breakfast [Keith Calmes]
20. Neapolitan Threshers [Keith Calmes]
21. Eighth of January [Keith Calmes]
22. Harvest Moon Strathspey [Keith Calmes]
23. Buttermilk Jig [Keith Calmes]
24. An Comhra Donn [Keith Calmes]
25. National Lancer’s Hornpipe [Keith Calmes]
26. Brighton Beach [Keith Calmes]
27. Green Fields of America [Keith Calmes]
28. St. Clair’s Hornpipe [Keith Calmes]
29. Star of Bethlehem [Keith Calmes]
30. Bennett’s Favorite Reel [Keith Calmes]
31. Ivy Leaf Reel [Keith Calmes]
32. St. Anne’s Reel [Keith Calmes]
33. Gladiator Reel [Keith Calmes]
34. Luckie Bawdin’s Reel [Keith Calmes]
35. Days of ‘Lang Syne [Keith Calmes]
36. Witch of the Wave Reel [Keith Calmes]
37. North Sea [Keith Calmes]
38. Red Haired Boy [Keith Calmes]
39. Mere Point [Keith Calmes]
40. Blackberry Blossom [Keith Calmes]
41. Brush Creek [Keith Calmes]
42. Wilson’s Hornpipe [Keith Calmes]
43. Carolan’s Draught [Keith Calmes]
44. The Rights of Man [Keith Calmes]
45. The Unfortunate Rake [Keith Calmes]
46. Shannon’s Well [Keith Calmes]
47. Lark in the Morning [Keith Calmes]
48. About the Author [Keith Calmes]