Couperin: Pièces de clavecin - Troisième livre avec 4 Concerts royaux (Harpsichord)

Pioneering edition from Bärenreiter with the first-time evaluation of an extensive body of sources and with Couperin’s original expression marks.
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KomponistCouperin, Francois
Following the first two volumes of the pioneering new edition, Bärenreiter now presents Couperin’s “Troisième livre” of the “Pièces de clavecin” (1722) edited by Denis Herlin. In addition to the six “Ordres”, the edition also contains the four “Concerts royaux”. For this new Urtext edition, for the first time, Herlin has evaluated the many reprints of the original edition, most of which he unearthed himself in international libraries. All variants are meticulously recorded in the Critical Commentary (Eng).

The comprehensive edition contains an extensive Introduction, notes on historical performance practice and a glossary (all in Fr/Eng) as well as numerous facsimile illustrations. The engraving preserves essential characteristics of the original print while largely dispensing with page-turns.