Danske Sange: Forår I - arr. Morten Schuldt-Jensen (SAM a cappella)

Dette hæfte indeholder et udvalg af kendte og elskede sange til og om det tidlige danske forår. Arrangeret for SAM af Morten Schuldt-Jensen.
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InstrumentationSAM a cappella
ForlagHal Leonard

The name SAM-Klang takes the three voice parts from the arrangements – Soprano, Alto and Men – and combines it with the Scandinavian and German words for ‘sound’ to create the portmanteau word ‘sound together’ or ‘harmony’. The SAM-Klang series offers basic and advanced choral repertoire arranged for soprano, alto and one male voice-part. In addition to new repertoire and new arrangements, you will also find essential parts of the classical German, Scandinavian, French and English SATB repertoire, carefully and considerately reworked for SAM.
The arrangements retain the characteristic features of the original movements and have almost the same richness of timbre, resulting in works which sound nearly unchanged to an audience. Piano reductions of all choral movements facilitate rehearsal preparation.

The arrangements offer development opportunities for all voice sections, bringing new life and new quality to SAM choir work. SAM-Klang enables youth choirs to gain access to classical choral literature and ensures that mixed choirs who face challenges in finding singers for all male voice parts continue to have access to well-loved repertoire. For further information and to discover more about SAM-Klang, including recordings, translations, pronunciation guides, videos, existing and new volumes in the series, please visit www.sam-klang.com

1. Grøn er vårens hæk [Niels W. Gade]
2. Opvåvni [Hans Hansen]
3. Bygen flygter [Knud Jeppesen]
4. Den grønne søde vår [Otto Mortensen]
5. Det er i dag et vejr [Poul Schierbeck]