Dave Matthews Band: Under The Microscope

Lær alle hemmelighederne bag Dave Matthews musik. 14 sange analyseres og du lærer alle guitar-teknikkerne der er nødvendige for at spille de mange fede riffs. Noder, Tekst og Tabulatur
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Skaffes inden for 3-7 dage
ForlagMusic Sales
GenrePop og rock
InstrumentationGuitar Tabs
KunstnerDave Matthews Band
American Baby
Crash Into Me
Don't Drink The Water
Grey Street
Louisiana Bayou
So Much To Say
Stay (Wasting Time)
The Best Of What's Around
The Space Between
Too Much
What Would You Say

The Guitar secrets of Dave Matthews revealed!

Dave Matthews Band Under The Microscope systematically dissects 14 of the band's hits. You'll learn all of the techniques necessary to play Dave Matthews' best licks, riffs, and solos. With lessons on rhythms, slides, vibrato, bends, fingerpicking, and a whole lot more, you'll be playing like Dave in no time!

Dave Matthews Band Under The Microscope presents a cross-section of songs from the band's lengthy career and subjects them to rigorous analysis. They are presented in chronological order and each is prefaced by a variety of preparatory exercises designed to set the guitarist on the right path to playing this often very demanding music. The theoretical analysis breaks down each tune into four distinct categories - harmony, rhythm, scales, and composition - and each is discussed in technical but no-nonsense language.

Written by Tony Wine, a freelance guitarist, composer, arranger, and educator. He is a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music, where he studied composition with Manny Albam and Edward Green.