Dirk Maassen: Time (Vinyl / LP)

Time is an album by Pianist and Composer Dirk Maassen. Vinyl from 2022.
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ForlagSony Classical
KomponistMaassen, Dirk

Dirk Maassen (* 28. February 1970 in Aachen) is a german composer and pianist living in Ulm, Germany. Dirk plays piano since the age of 10 and studied a broad variety of musical styles in his early musical career. The 1980s are commonly remembered for an increase in the use of digital recording, associated with the usage of synthesizers, with synthpop music and other electronic genres featuring non-traditional instruments increasing in popularity. 

A1 Thru Landscapes (Arrival)
A2 Mountains
A3 Ascending
A4 Untamed
A5 Time
A6 Shelter
A7 Morning Comes

B1 Ethereal
B2 Golden Hour
B3 Top
B4 Golden Memories
B5 Hebstregen
B6 Thru Landscapes (Departure)
B7 Time (Solo Piano)