Dominant Pro Cello D, carbon steel

Dominant Pro D-streng til cello har en luftig og let karakter men stadig varm og rund. Et perfekt eksempel på en cello d-streng i højeste kvalitet.
StrengCello D
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The D-string NO.DP42 is also characterized by an airy and light sound character but is somewhat warmer than the A-string. It is the tonal prime example of a cello D-string – warm, round, singing – and creates a homogeneous connection to the G- and C-strings. However, its sonorous sound in the upper registers is exceptional.

DOMINANT PRO® for cello
For PROfessionals
Newly defined tonal ideals 
ModulationPLUS: highest modulation capability of tone colors and tone structure, brilliant to warm, rounded to deep, fine to coarse-grained
High range of dynamics from (pp) to (ff)
Faster response than ever before – even with fast bowing speeds
Structured tone and richness of color

What makes Dominant Pro so special?
DOMINANT PRO sound darker, more focused and respond more directly than Dominant strings. Despite their direct response, they give musicians the possibility to create a broad range of sound colours. The string tensions have been increased by an incremental amount to adapt the resistance to bow pressure to suit the extended playing requirements of musicians without overburdening their instrument.

DOMINANT PRO strings assert themselves very well against the sound of an entire orchestra and with corresponding dynamics and a capacity for modulation, they also offer excellent possibilities when used in chamber music.