Duport: 21 Etüden für Violoncello

21 etuder for cello af Jean Louis Duport. Henle Urtext 2021.
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KomponistDuport, Jean Louis
“More than 20 years ago I was called upon by friends, artists, and aficionados to write about fingerings for the violoncello,” then-famous Berlin cellist Jean-Louis Duport thus opens his “Essai” from 1806, dedicated to “Professeurs de Violoncelle”. His methodology revolutionized cello technique, and the 21 etudes printed in its appendix are still regarded today as perhaps the most important set of studies for all budding cellists. Modelled after the volumes of etudes for violin, Henle is also issuing the Urtext here, together with all original fingerings and bowings, while also offering alternatives by the famous cellist and teacher Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt. This edition also offers a second cello part provided by Duport for accompaniment.

Norbert Gertsch (Editor)
Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt (Fingering, Advisor)