Dvorák, Antonín: Klaviertrio g-Moll / Piano Trio G minor op. 26 for Piano, Violin and Violoncello

Klavertrio i g-mol op. 26 af Dvorak. Bärenreiter 2012.
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Produktnr.BA 9538
KomponistDvorak, Antonin
InstrumentationPiano Trio (Violin, Piano, Violoncello)
Editor: Pokorný, Antonín / Solc, Karel

Dvorák wrote a total of four works for piano trio.
The second Piano Trio in G minor op. 26 (1876) represents a conception of the form typical of the composer. At the same time, it documents the transition from his experimental phase to the emergence of his characteristic style which partly involved the return to definite form and thematic clarity. The main source for this present edition was the first printed edition (1880).

Allegro moderato
Scherzo. Presto
Finale. Allegro non tanto