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Easy Concert Pieces for Piano / Leichte Konzertstücke für Klavier - Vol. 1 (incl. CD)

50 Easy Pieces from 5 Centuries for Piano. Edited by Monika Twelsiek and Rainer Mohrs.

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For the Easy Concert Pieces series, the experienced piano teacher Monika Twelsiek compiled pleasant, easy piano pieces for beginners and published them in two volumes in progressive order. The third volume is in preparation.

The two volumes are intended to complement a piano tutorial method and are particularly suitable for performance at auditions at music schools, for examinations and for competitions. They offer varied repertoire in a broad selection of pieces from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern eras.

Volume 1 (ED 22547) can already be used by beginners, containing pieces in the five-note range and easy pieces spanning a single octave. Other criteria for selection are simple rhythms and very easy chords. Crossing the thumb underneath, playing several parts together and pedal use are not yet required.

Volume 2 (ED 22548) contains pieces with an extended range of two octaves. Crossing the thumb under, pedal use, simple polyphony and three- or four-part chords all feature here, as do simple ornaments, cantabile playing and differentiating between melody and accompaniment.

M. Praetorius: Old German Dance
J.v.d. Hofe: Canario
A. Reinagle: Minuetto
A. Teinagle: Allegro
C.H. Wilton: Little Sonata
C. Gurlitt: A Midsommer Day's Song
C. Gurlitt: Dreary Hours
G.F. Humbert: The Hurdy-Gurdy Man
G.F. Humbert: The Train
G.F. Humbert: The Snake Charmer
G.F. Humbert: Tarantella
G.F. Humbert: On The Way
G.F. Humbert: Ragtime
F. Emonts: Dialogue
F. Emonts: Changing Time
M. Tajcevic: Piano Piece for the Young
H. Badings: Basso ostinato
R. Mohrs: Here Comes the Caravan
R. Mohrs: Folk Dance in the Mountains
R. Mohrs: Shepherd's Melody
H.-G. Heumann: Rock Piano Fever
J.H. Schein: Allemande
D. Speer: Aria
J. Krieger: Menuett A minor
C. Graupner: Bourrée E minor
J.-P. Rameau: Menuett D major
J.S. Bach: Musette D major
G.F. Händel: Gavotte C major
D.G. Türk: Four Easy Pieces - D.G. Türk: Entrée
D.G. Türk: Minuetto
D.G. Türk: I am so Dull and Ill
D.G. Türk: A Carefree Fellow
A. Diabelli: Three Little Pieces
A. Diabelli: Allegretto
A. Diabelli: Moderato
A. Diabelli: Vivace
R. Schumann: A Little Piece
F. Spindler: Song Without Words
C. Franck: Dolly's Complaint
A. Gretchaninoff: Fairy Tale
A. Gretchaninoff: Njanja is Ill
A. Gretchaninoff: A Tiresome Lesson
C. Orff: Dancing Piece
C. Orff: Piano Study - F. Emonts: Tango
F. Emonts: Bagpipes
G. Kretschmer: Elephants
G. Kretschmer: Rainy Weather Blues
B. Heller: Tales from the Arabian Nights
M. Magolt: Holydays
M. Schoenmehl: The Spanish Guitar Player

Yderligere information

Yderligere information

Produktnr. ED22547
Genre Klassisk
Forlag Schott
Instrumentation Piano
Sider 56
Udgivelsesår 2017


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