Elgar: Concerto in E Minor, op. 85 (Violoncello and Piano) "Jacqueline du Pré edition"

Fingering and bowing from a recorded performance by Jacqueline du Pré
ForlagCarl Fischer
KomponistElgar, Edward
InstrumentationVioloncello, Piano
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Cello legend Jacqueline du Pré’s (1945—1987) timeless musical voice has inspired the greatest of today’s cellists to study her techniques right down to the intimate minutiae of her most famous performances. In this very special edition of Sir Edward Elgar’s Concerto in E Minor Op. 85, world renowned performer and teacher, Marion Feldman, has delivered a transcription of unprecedented detail. Feldman has carefully documented every articulation, fingering, and bowing found in a video recording of du Pré, which, coupled with Feldman’s extensive experience with the instrument, makes this an indispensable resource for students and professionals alike.

Editor: Marion Feldman