Essential Piano Technique - Primer A: Hop, skip and jump

"Essential Piano Technique - Primer A" by Penelope Roskell teaches piano technique from the basics to legato and staccato.
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Penelope Roskell, author of the award-winning book The Complete Pianist, is recognized as one of the world’s leading exponents of a natural and healthy piano technique. Her series Essential Piano Technique draws on the principles of The Complete Pianist to develop a strong foundation of healthy technique, helping young pianists to progress rapidly and confidently through the early stages of piano playing.

 - Can be used by beginner pianists alongside existing tutor books to enhance the teaching of good technique
 - Includes detailed notes for teachers, giving learning objectives and teaching tips
 - Links to free videos show technique in practice
 - Fun activities, illustrations and imaginative original music throughout
 - Teacher accompaniment duets provide a rich musical experience

Penelope Roskell is a Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London. She is a world-leader in the field of healthy piano playing, and Piano Adviser to the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine. Her award-winning book, The Complete Pianist, is the leading book on healthy piano technique. As a soloist she has performed in major concert halls in more than thirty countries.

Primer A: from the first lesson to legato and staccato
Primer B: from dynamics to scales and broken chords
Level 1: from hands-together to Grade 1