Excercises for the Violin in Various Combinations of Double-Stops (Roland Vamos)

These exercises by Roland Vamos, when practiced slowly and carefully, should also help to develop a keen sense of pitch and intonation. For intermediate players.
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ForlagCarl Fischer
The most direct way to describe the essence of the concept and benefits of these exercises for the aspiring violinist is to simply quote one of its students, as well as the creator himself. From Rachel Barton Pine: Vamos's double-stop exercises fill a void in the literature of technical exercises for violinists and violists.

Today there are many classic books with thirds, sixths, octaves, etc., by such composers as Schradieck, Sévcik, Flesch, and Dounis. However, none of these wonderful collections features a systematic series of fixed double-stops that enables the aspiring violinist or violist to practice and master every possible combination of finger patterns across two strings without shifting. Dr. Roland Vamos also outlines the purpose of this method: So what exactly do I hope the student that carefully studies these exercises will accomplish?

Perhaps the most important accomplishment is the development of a strong left hand that is set up so that the fingers rise and drop consistently landing on the same part of the finger. The first joint of each will hopefully develop strength and flexibility while the thumb gently supports the side of the neck without tension.