Exploring Jazz Trumpet (incl. Online Audio)

Omfattende bog af Ollies Weston udviklet til trompetister der har lyst til at lære at spille Jazz på trompet. Inklusiv online adgang med play-along tracks.
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Skrevet af/ Author: Weston, Ollie

This definitive book is designed for the intermediate trumpet player looking for an introduction to the world of jazz. Renowned jazz musician Ollie Weston introduces key concepts step by step, explaining clearly and simply throughout, with the minimum of musical jargon.

Improvisation is featured from the very beginning with authentic live jazz trio recordings on the accompanying online audio for you to play along with. Key subjects covered include: modes, swing playing, melodic development, the 2-5-1 progression, jazz blues progressions, pentatonic scales, jazz chord extentions, stylistic development, unique trumpet sounds and many more.

- Contents
- Introduction
- Chapter 1: The Blues
- Chapter 2: The Major Seventh Chord
- Chapter 3: The Minor Seventh Chord
- Chapter 4: The Seventh Chord
- Chapter 5: Putting It Together
- Chapter 6: Modes of the Major Scale
- Chapter 7: The II-V-I Progression
- Chapter 8: The Minor II-V-I
- Chapter 9: Songs and Standards
- Chapter 10: Bebop
- Chapter 11: Style Workout
- Conclusion
- History and Learning
- Selected Biographies
- Index
- Track Listings