Faber, Phillip: O Magnum Mysterium (SSAA, String Quartet) SCORE

The work mixes a tone of the ancient Latin "O magnum mysterium" text with a verse of the pilgrim hymn "Fair is creation". For treble voices (SSAA) and string quartet. Full score.
Produktnr. WH33169
Forlag Wilhelm Hansen
Komponist Faber, Phillip
Sider 8
Udgivelsesår 2019
Genre Klassisk
Instrumentation SSAA, String Quartet
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39,00 DKK
The work combines the Latin text for the Responsorial Chant for Matins at Christmas with a verse of the pilgrim hymn Fair is creation which can be sung in English, German or Danish.
Parts WH31169A
Choral Part: WH31169B

Version for mixed voices also available.

Duration: 3 min.