Finale Version 27

Seneste version af det populære nodeprogram FINALE. Vi sender download-link på E-mail efter køb.
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With every new version, Finale accumulates notable benefits including new features, fixes, and more. Watch the video below for a demonstration of the powerful new features released with Finale v27.

New features in Finale v27 include:

Interactive music sharing functionality
Finale now enables you to quickly and easily share your notated documents with anybody. Without leaving the app, you can upload and share privately or publicly.

Standard Music Font Layout (SMuFL) support
SMuFL is a growing comprehensive standard that organizes musical characters into a common layout so music fonts are displayed correctly in every notation application that supports it. Spend less time searching for or creating musical symbols and more time making music.

Improved instrument list
Our revised instrument list ensures your notation looks great the first time—no matter which instruments you’ve chosen—and that you hear the correct sounds when playing a document. We’ve also added to the list of instruments you can use when starting a new document or editing an existing one.

MusicXML 4.0
The latest version of MusicXML provides even more control when transporting your compositions. With more information than ever now being captured in a MusicXML file, you’ll be able to efficiently and confidently send files between practically any modern music software.

Bug Fixes
We’ve tackled a lot of known issues, such as unexpected installer behavior and unusable display scaling on Windows, crashes due to macOS quirks, and problems with printing.