Finding a Fully Functioning Voice (Mari Koistinen)

A holistic and integrative approach to group vocal development.
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Finding a Fully Functioning Voice is a book that is focused on holistic and integrative voice training in a group. It will give you theoretical, pedagogical and practical knowledge and exercises based on the author's studies, readings and above all experiences. While the basis is in Western medicine, influences of Eastern wisdom can be detected. This is not a complete handbook on all possible problems in a group with voice production! It is a practical Toolbox for you!

Hopefully you will find new ideas and thoughts, be able to reflect on your actions and improve your knowledge. Share your ideas with your colleagues and help us all to become better singing human beings.

The author Mari Koistinen (M.A., M.Mus) has created a remarkable career in Finland and abroad as a voice trainer and educator. She is a performing singer and conductor but is known above all as a teacher and music educator. Her voice training guide has become a well known and widely used textbook at universities and other educational institutions.