Franck: The Organ Works (Michel Bouvard) (2CD)

The complete works for organ recorded by Michel Bouvard.
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KomponistFranck, Cesar

"My organ is an orchestra", declared César Franck. Thanks to the genius of the organ builder Cavaillé- Coll, the beauty of the organ of the basilica of Saint- Sernin in Toulouse illuminates an oeuvre of immense musical intensity.

Michel Bouvard talks about his passion for Franck’s world and offers us a few hints about how to listen to it.

Prélude, Fugue et Variations 10’53
Prière 12’57
Final 12’43
Fantaisie in C major 13’19
Fantaisie in A major 13’46
Cantabile 5’59
Pièce héroïque 8’56 
CD 2
Choral n°1 in A major 15’43
Choral n°2 in B minor 14’25
Choral n°3 in A minor 13’29
Pastorale 9’31
Grande Pièce symphonique 27’07