Free to Solo - Clarinet (Tenor Saxophone) - incl. CD

Free to Solo er en helt ny serie med fokus på at lære improvisation på en sjov måde. Henvender sig til øvede der vil undersøge improvisation og soloer.
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InstrumentationClarinet / Tenor Sax
SerieFree to Solo
Editor: Rob Hughes - Paul Harvey

This unique publication is designed to be a fun play-along book for students who want to enjoy soloing freely, instead of having to cope with too many scale changes. With interesting heads, and long open sections, the tunes encourage creativity over the inspiring contemporary material. Free to Solo is suitable for intermediate students seeking a challenge as well as more advanced players requiring additional material to explore.

On the included CD there are 'minus one' tracks to play along with as well as complete performance versions of all the instruments in the series (Alto / Tenor sax, Flute / Violin, Clarinet, Trumpet, Guitar and Trombone), so that the reader can draw upon different interpretations of the improvised material.

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