French Tangos for Accordion (incl. Online Audio)

Waltzes, Polkas, Tangos, Hornpipes, Two-Steps and More! For Accordion by Gary Dahl.
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ForlagMel Bay
Arranger: Gary Dahl

The Tango is a ballroom dance of Latin-American origin characterized by long pauses and stylized body positions. This musical form was subsequently adopted by other countries, primarily France, Spain and Italy. Many prominent composers have applied it to a wide variety of compositions.

Using piano scores in both the Latin-American and Spanish rhythmic traditions, Gary Dahl has skillfully compiled and arranged a superb selection of French Tangos for Accordion. The music in this anthology was originally published from the late 1930's to 60's and is characterized by its romanticism, rich harmonies, and emotive melodies.

These arrangements are orchestral in nature, befitting the accordion's various timbres and capabilities. In standard notation.

This edition includes online audio of demonstration tracks so you can hear exactly how each piece should sound.

Joue Contre Joue
Cara Al Cielo
El Chocle
J'ai Pleuré Sur Tes Pas
Tango Du Souvenir
Soir de Pluie
As De Copas
J'ai Gardé Ta Photo
La Paloma
Tango Gitano
Téléphonez-Moi Chérie
Si Tu Reviens
Sacré Tango
Le Tango De La Mélancolie
Tango Pour Madame
Simple Tango
Ta Jalousie
Le Tango Des Mariniers
Tango - Musette
La Madone D'amour
Ma Rose D'Alsace
Tango - Maison
La Tango Argentin
Un Tango D'autrefois
Baisse un peu L'Abat-Jour
Une Simple Carte Postale
Aïe, Aïe, Tango
Pour Sur
Passion Madrilene
Le Temps D'un Tango
Tango Fleur Bleue