Galuppi: 10 Sonatas for Piano/Harpsichord

10 sonatas 10 Sonatas from Op. 1, Op. 2, Op. 5 by Baldassare Galuppi (1706-1785).
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KomponistGaluppi, Baldassare
InstrumentationPiano (Harpsichord)

Baldassare Galuppi (1706-1785) received his first music lessons from his father and later became a pupil of the famous Antonio Lotti.

His oeuvre first and foremost includes operas and oratorios, but he also wrote chamber music works, cantatas and works for piano. Although well-known in his days and highly acclaimed by his contemporaries, such as Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart and Charles Burney, for his compositional skills, he rather has to be classed among the forgotten composers today.

This new edition with 9 of his harpsichord sonatas published in Nuremberg and London during Galuppi's lifetime aims to put things right.

Sonata I A major
Sonata II C minor
Sonata III B flat major
Sonata IV C major
Sonata V D minor
Sonata VI A minor
Sonata VII D major
Sonata VIII F major
Sonata IX E flat major
Sonata X C major