Grieg: Sonata in F major - arr. for Flute and Piano

Grieg violin sonata no. 1 in f major. Adapted and edited for flute and piano by Naama Neuman.
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Skaffes inden for 2-5 dage
KomponistGrieg, Edvard
InstrumentationFlute, Piano
ForlagEdition Svitzer
Sonata in F major, nr. 1 op. 8 for violin and piano.
Adapted and edited by Naama Neuman.

From the foreword:
The violin Sonatas have a special place in Grieg’s compositional evolution, as he wrote in a letter of January 1900 to the Norwegian poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson: “Last week I had the pleasure of performing my three violin sonatas with lady Neruda-Hallé… we did very well, and it had special significance for me because these three works are among my very best and represent different stages in my development: the first, naïve and rich in ideas; the second, nationalistic; and the third with a wider outlook.”