Guitar Concertos by Corigliano, Caravassilis and Siegel (Jakob Bangsø, Talinn Chamber Orchestra) (CD)

Award-winning Danish guitarist Jakob Bangsø presents three contemporary guitar concertos.
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SolistJakob Bangsø
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Award-winning Danish guitarist Jakob Bangsø presents three contemporary guitar concertos: John Corigliano’s Troubadours, alongside world-premiere recordings of works inspired by Corigliano’s piece and written for Bangsø: Wayne Siegel’s Chaconne and the Saudade by Constantine Caravassilis. American composer John Corigliano’s Troubadourswas partly inspired by medieval musicians, and incorporates a theme by the La Comtessa, Beatritz de Dia, into its evocative material.

Fellow American Wayne Siegel also draws upon earlier precedents in his Chaconne, collaborating with Jakob Bangsø to create a piece that slowly unfolds and evolves, while Canadian composer Constantine Caravassilisuses Greek folk-music as part of his Saudade, a title that comes from a Portuguese word suggestive of bittersweet memories. Aaron Copland on John Corigliano: “One of the most talented composers on the scene today –the real thing. His music is individual, imaginative, expertly crafted, and aurally quite stunning.”

John Corigliano (b. 1938)
1. Troubadours (1993): Variations for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra

Constantine Caravassilis (b. 1979)
Saudade - Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra
2 I. Teneramente
3 II. Presto e Giocoso
4 III. Adagietto
5 IV. Cadenza; Con Slancio

Wayne Siegel (b. 1953)
6 Chaconne (2016): Concerto for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra