Handel's Messiah - Warm-Ups for Successful Performance - Director's Score (incl. Online Audio)

Handel's Messiah: Warm-Ups For Successful Performance has been specially designed to help choirs who are preparing to sing Handel's Messiah. This valuable resource is a must for every choral director responsible for guiding the performance of this cherished yet challenging work. By Jason Paulk and Ryan Kelly.
ForlagHal Leonard
KomponistHändel, George F.
Skaffes inden for 3-7 dage
Skaffes inden for 3-7 dage
399,00 DKK
The book is available as a Director's Score or Singer's Edition and each is broken into three sections:

Part I provides an introduction to preparing Messiah and highlights Baroque performance practice and ideals, practical considerations for the performance and other helpful information.
Part II includes warm-ups for 20 choruses.
Part III includes appendices with a historical context of Messiah, primary sources supporting Baroque style and expression and a recommended reading list.

The Director's Score includes the full text and warm-ups with Piano accompaniments, along with a code for accessing downloadable singer parts online. The Singer's Edition includes a handy folder-sized print edition of the vocal warm-ups.