Hokema Twin Kalimba (A-mol / A minor)

To kalimbaer er monteret på den samme blok og gør dette instrument til en fantastik musikalsk oplevelse for to personer. Instrumentet er som altid i bedste kvalitet fra Hokema.
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På lager
769,00 DKK

- Two 9 note kalimbas mounted together onto one block
- Play solo or play with a partner
- Resonance of the tones is picked up by the wooden corpus and can be felt by both players
- Interactive instruments for two persons

Tuning: A-minor (A' / C'' / C' / A' / A / F' / E' / E'' / H')

The Twin is 30cm long and is fitted with two identically-tuned sets of tines so the instrument can be played by either one or two persons.