How to make your choir sound awesome - The ultimate warm-up book

This resource is not just another warm-up book - it is the ultimate warm-up book! It contains everything a choir leader needs to improve the sound quality and vocal health of their choir. By Lucy Hollins & Suzzie Vango.
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Lucy Hollins and Suzzie Vango are evangelical about the power of proper warm-ups and the magic they can work on the sound of any choir. Decades spent vocal coaching, conducting and leading choirs have given them both an unrivaled command of other people's vocal folds!

This resource is not just another warm-up book - it is the ultimate warm-up book! It contains everything a choir leader needs to improve the sound quality and vocal health of their choir. For those starting out, it gives first-rate tips and ideas about vocal technique. The "Why we do this?" sections increase depth of understanding and knowledge for everyone, regardless of experience. 

The book starts with an introduction to the importance of vocal warmups - not only for improving the sound of your choir and for vocal health but also for physical and mental well-being. Warm-ups also provide an opportunity to gather focus, create a positive environment, and boost camaraderie.

The innovative "flaps" section of the book allows the choir director to mix and match the warm-ups from three sections: Movement & Alignment, Breathing & Airflow, and Vocalisation. The exercises comprise science, experience, practical advice, and a whole lot of humour. Lucy & Suzzie understand how important it is for choir leaders to not only know how to do the exercises but also why we do them, so a clear and concise explanation is given for each exercise.

The other elements in this book will make extremely beneficial additions to your warm-ups. There are great tips and chord progressions for accompaniments to vocal exercises and the energising exercises in the Brain Workout section will help develop cognitive agility and are certain to help must energy and focus should you experience a rehearsal slump!

At the back of the book are twenty songs that can be incorporated into your warm-up session. Some of them could also be used in a performance. Thirteen of these songs can be photocopied to use with your choir.


"I've been waiting for a resource like this all my working life! It will fire the imaginations of every conductor who samples it and will help us light up our choral rehearsals - at all levels and with every sort of choir. The content is the fruit of years of experience gathered together by two of our leading colleagues. The presentation of the information is supremely practical. A heartfelt thank you on behalf of the choral community."
Simon Halsey, Choral Conductor

"Lucy Hollins and Suzzie Vango have provided the choral world with an indispensable resource which none of us must be without."
Susan Hollingworth, DUniv BEM, Choral Director & Music Educator

"People who lead choirs are some of the most wonderful humans on the planet, they know about people and music and performing and having fun. This invaluable book is there to explain all the things that you already use and to introduce you to some new ones ... This book gives you the perfect framework for transforming your choir"
Dr Jenevora Willaims, Singing Teacher, Author & Voice Rehabilitation Specialist

"This is such an invaluable resource for any choir leader or singer. Lucy and Suzzie have put this book together so clearly, myth-busting and explaining every aspect of an effective warm-up. The analysis of each exercise is brilliantly concise, with simple, uncluttered language and I love the "Why do we do this?" sections."
Ben Parry Conductor, Composer, Arranger & Singer

"At last - this is the resource I've been looking for ... I've been so envious of such people as Lucy and Suzzie who can invigorate a room full of singers with a seemingly endless repertoire of cool moves. I'm so glad they are sharing their vocal treasures, not just in their examples but also in their careful explanations."
Roderick Williams OBE, Baritone and Composer