Hymne til Ærø - Danish Organ Music from Dunblane Cathedral (Kevin Duggan) (CD)

Ærø’s low hills, whitewashed churches and the Baltic Sea, combined with Dunblane’s poetic Flentrop organ, have inspired this musical evocation of Denmark.
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SolistKevin Duggan
Two sublime works frame the album: the Prelude and Fugue in E minor by Nicolaus Bruhns and Carl Nielsen’s tour de force, Commotio. These works are well known outside Scandinavia, whereas the elegantly crafted music of composers such as Jesper Madsen and Leif Thybo may be less familiar but are deserving of a wider audience. As Duggan puts it in the album booklet, these shorter pieces “create a mood like sunlight shining through a window, whilst also evoking brooding skies and bucolic folk songs. There is often a connection to the Baroque era filtered through the prism of the Lutheran church.”

01 – Nicolaus Bruhns – Praeludium in E minor (the Great)
02 – Jesper Madsen – Five Preludes – I Molto tranquillo
03 – Jesper Madsen – Five Preludes – II Moderato
04 – Jesper Madsen – Five Preludes – III Maestoso
05 – Jesper Madsen – Five Preludes – IV Adagio
06 – Jesper Madsen – Five Preludes – V Poco rubato
07 – Rued Langgaard – Kristi Himmelfartsdag (Ascension Day), BVN 264
08 – Johan Peter Emilius Hartmann – Allegro maestoso, from Sonata in G minor, Op. 58
09 – Leif Thybo – Sumer is icumen in, Theme with six Variations
10 – Tore Bjorn Larsen – Fynsk forarspraeludium
11 – Kevin Duggan – Acclamations
12 – Kevin Duggan – Hymne til Aero
13 – Carl Nielsen – Commotio, Op. 58