Innlit - Faroese poems (SATB a cappella)

Faroese poems set to music by Peter Bruun, Martin Ødegaard, Hugi Gudmundsson, Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen, Britta Byström, Gavin Bryars and Alwynne Pritchard.
ForlagWilhelm Hansen
InstrumentationSATB a cappella
Skaffes inden for 4-12 dage
Skaffes inden for 4-12 dage
169,00 DKK
The Faroese word "Innlit" has many meanings such as insight, enlightenment, perspective and understanding. It symbolises what this project is about. Since it's creation in 1998, commissioning of new vocal music has been one of the main objectives for the vocal ensemble MPIRI. We wanted to actively contribute to the Faroese repertoire of vocal sheet music, and until now MPIRI has commissioned more than 50 musical pieces. Before this project, however, only from Faroese composers. With "Innlit" we wanted an external perspective and put together a collection of poems by Faroese writers all written in the new millennium. In 2011, together with Edition Wilhelm Hansen, we invited selected composers from the Nordic region and Britain to compose music using these texts, and the result is a CD, together with this corresponding book of sheet music, published by Edition Wilhelm Hansen.
A more poetic translation of the word "innlit" is "the colour of what is inside". We hope that this music can help reflect the colour of Faroese culture.