Jim Snidero: The Essence of Bebop - TROMBONE (incl. Online Audio)

10 great studies for trombone in the style and language of bebop. By Jim Snidero.
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The Essence of Bebop is the new series by critically acclaimed New York saxophonist Jim Snidero. The Essence of Bebop reveals the heart and soul of this groundbreaking jazz style and is the first real "manual" for mastering bebop. The 10 studies are inspired by Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Hank Mobley, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane, and many more, offering a unique basis for study and analysis. Historical insights as well as recommended listening and reading make this edition an indispensable part of jazz education. With special information on how to play bebop on the trombone added by Michael Dease (assistant professor at Michigan State University and soloist on the audio tracks).