Jon Laukvik: Historical Performance Practice in Organ Playing - Vol. 3 Modern and Contemporary Music

Volume 3 (in english) contains articles by different authors on the interpretation of organ music of the 20th century (ranging from the early modern era to the avantgarde). Edited by Jon Laukvik.
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Now finally in English too: The third part of the organ method Historical Performance Practice in Organ Playing follows on from part two with contributions by Guy Bovet (on Jehan Alain), Hans-Ola Ericsson, Anders Ekenberg, Markus Rupprecht (Olivier Messiaen), Hans Fagius (Maurice Duruflé), Jeremy Filsell (Marcel Dupré), Bernhard Haas (Arnold Schönberg, Ernst Krenek, John Cage, György Ligeti, and others, plus the latest developments) and Armin Schoof (neoclassicism). As in the first two parts of the organ method, here too a representative selection of composers is discussed.

Alongside mainly personal recollections (e.g. from Hans Fagius) there are analytical essays (including by Jeremy Filsell). Bernhard Haas has organised one section of his text as an introduction to the playing techniques and aesthetics of new music, beginning with pieces which are easy to play. This English edition contains new chapters by Kevin Bowyer (The Development of New Organ Music in Britain / Contemporary Organ Music in North America).

Laukvik’s organ method Historical Performance Practice in Organ Playing has now become established as a standard work. It is aimed at organists who want to incorporate the latest thinking on historical performance practice into their interpretations of works. The three volumes provide a practical introduction in a detailed, scholarly and comprehensible form, by giving organists as precise a picture of the interpretative traditions and aims of previous and modern/ contemporary eras as possible. The editions are aimed not only at organists, but also at organ teachers who are looking for a manual to use in their teaching.