Kaffekrus med mal-selv nodelinjer (Sound Pott)

Lad din musikalske fantasi få frit løb og mal din egen melodi på dette lækre kaffekrus med nodelinjer.
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På lager
130,00 DKK
- Materiale: Porcelæn
- Bredde: 98mm
- Højde: 126mm
- Diameter: 98mm
- Indhold: 380ml
- Vægt: 310g
- Låg medfølger

Music - the mutual language of humans that expresses what cannot be said and what's impossible to be silent about. Our Coffee-To-Go Mug gives you the chance to note the melodies going through your head, even while on the move - through clear outlines of staves that can be individually configured. You want to paint on another melody? No problem! After handwashing, you can repaint the Self-made Sound Pot Mug again. Coffee enjoyment then becomes an entirely new experience! The handcrafted porcelain Coffee-To-Go Mug is the perfect gift for every music lover.
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