Klosé, Hyacinth: Celebrated Method for the Clarinet

"Celebrated Method for the Clarinet" is the definitive must-have for all clarinet players. With this masterful new edition, it will remain the driving force in clarinet education for generations to come.
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KomponistKlosé, Hyacinth
ForlagCarl Fischer

This authoritative and completely re-engraved edition of the Celebrated Method for Clarinet has been edited by Stanley Drucker, former New York Philharmonic Principal Clarinet, and his wife and colleague Naomi Drucker, Professor of Clarinet at Hofstra University.

The new layout allows for much easier reading during practice and performance while preserving the pedagogical nature of the method. Purists and modernists alike will welcome this modernized edition. The new edition includes the addition of Rose Etude excerpts, expansion of Kroepsch Studies, and complete Grand Duets for study and performance.

First Sounds to be Practiced
Sixty-Eight Exercises of Mechanism
Joseph Küffner: Fifty Progressive Duets
Practical Exercises
Scales and Exercises
Hyacinthe Klosé: Forty-Five Exercises
Duets on Various Articulations
Exercises on Scales, Arpeggios, and Intervals
Hyacinthe Klosé: Fifteen Grand Duets
Preludes in the Form of Perfect Cadences
Hyacinthe Klosé: Twenty-Two Exercises on Low Notes
Twelve Studies in the Different Registers of the Clarinet
Franz Thaddäus Blatt: Study
Hyacinthe Klosé: Twenty Characteristic Studies
Cyrille Rose: Thirty-Two Studies (Excerpts)
Fritz Kroepsch: 416 Progressive Daily Studies
     Book I: 167 Exercises (Excerpts)
     Book II: 183 Exercises
Russian Dance from Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky)