Korg TM-60C Combo Tuner Metronome + Contact Mic (Black)

Korgs TM-60 kombination af tuner og metronom i sampak med en kontaktmikrofon som du nemt kan påsætte dit instrument og opfange vibrationerne direkte derfra.
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This package consists of the TM-60, which combines tuner and metronome functionality, and the CM-200 Contact Microphone, which sends the vibrations from your instrument directly to the tuner. By using the tuner together with this contact mic, you can take advantage of quick and accurate tuning without any interference from outside sounds in the environment, and you can also utilize the TM-60’s Sound Back function*.

The CM-200 Contact Microphone is the perfect way to accurately pick up and convey your instrument's sound to the TM-60 and-held tuner with its wide, easy to read meter. The TM-60 can be placed on a nearby music stand, making it ideal for orchestral or brass band instruments.

* The Sound Back function is a tuning mode that uses the internal speaker of the TM-60C to output the reference pitch that's closest to the input sound, and shows the discrepancy on the meter. This is available when using the audio input from the INPUT jack or when using earphones.

Specifications TM60 Tuner and Metronome:

Tuner section:
Scale: 12-note equal temperament
Detection range: C1 (32.70 Hz)–C8 (4186.01 Hz) with sine wave input
Reference tone generation: C3 (130.81 Hz)–C6 (1046.50 Hz) three-octave range
Tuning modes: meter mode, sound out mode, sound back mode
Calibration range: A4=410–480 Hz (1 Hz units)
Detection accuracy: better than +/-1 cent

Metronome section:
Tempo range: Quarter note=30–252 times/minute
Tempo setting method: pendulum step, full step, tap tempo
Time signature range: 15 types (0–9 beats, duplets, triplets, triplets with center note omitted, quadruplets, quadruplets with center notes omitted)
Tempo precision: +/-0.3%
Sound accuracy: better than +/-1 cent

Main specifications:
Connectors: INPUT jack (6.3 mm monaural phone jack, unbalanced), headphone jack (3.5 mm stereo mini-phone jack)
Speaker: dynamic speaker (φ23mm)
Power supply: two AAA batteries (3V)
Battery life:  Tuner: Approximately 130/55/36 hours (backlight: off/soft/auto, continuous A4 input, using zinc-carbon batteries) 
Metronome: Approximately 130/55/36 hours (backlight: off/soft/auto, tempo 120, 4 beats, maximum volume, using zinc-carbon batteries)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 111 mm x 74 mm x 18 mm / 4.37" × 2.91" × 0.71"
Weight: 100 g / 3.53 oz. (including batteries)
Included items: quick start guide, two AAA batteries for verifying operation, CM-200 contact mic (TM-60C only)
Settings for the tuner section’s calibration and reference tone, and for the metronome section’s tempo, time signature, pendulum/full step, and backlight settings, are remembered even when the power is turned off. However, these settings return to the following initial values when you replace the batteries.
Initial values:
Calibration=440 Hz, reference tone=A4, tempo=120, time signature=4 beats, tempo setting=pendulum step, backlight setting=off
Even if the pitch is within the detection range, detection might not be possible if the sound of the instrument contains numerous overtones or has a rapid decay.

Specifications CM-200 Contact Microphone:

Maximum width of clip: 30mm
Cable: 1.5m